Silver Lake Library
Submitted photo | Lake County Examiner

Lake County Library District Board of Directors approved a bid to install a ductless mini-split heat pump at the Silver Lake branch.

Outgoing Lake County Library District Dir. Amy Hutchinson and the Board have been talking about the need to potentially replace some of the heating and cooling units in its branches outside of Lakeview. She said that the Silver Lake branch is the responsibility of the Library District, while she would look into the lease agreement for the Christmas Valley branch to determine who is ultimately responsible for that branch’s heating and cooling system.

In November 2021, Hutchinson received multiple bids for replacing the system at Silver Lake. The cost of replacing the system with a ductless mini-split from the current kerosene monitor was $7,222, while replacing the current monitor with a new monitor would cost $4,150.

Earlier in 2021 the kerosene monitor at the Silver Lake branch began leaking and ultimately was not working properly enough to continue operating the heating system. Hutchinson was encouraged by the Board to look at other options than just a straight swap with a new monitor and look at the possibility of installing either a heat pump or a ductless system.

“The ductless mini-split is an extremely efficient system and will provide both heating and cooling. Even though it is an upfront investment, with the savings from paying for kerosene during the winter, the system will pay for itself over time,” said Hutchinson.

The new system will also free up additional shelving space for books in the smallest branch of the Lake County Library system, as the system can be placed high up on the wall. The cooling system in the new mini-split ductless system is more efficient than the current window units that keep the library at a comfortable temperature.

It is anticipated that the new system will be installed toward the end of January, though delays in shipping could push out the timing of when the system will be installed.

For more information contact the Lake County Library at 541-947-6019.