Pioneer News Group, Microsoft and Posh Technologies partnership

Pioneer News Group, Microsoft and Posh Technologies have partnered on a new program to provide tablets to consumers and integrate user generated stories into the newsroom

Posh Technologies

Seattle, WA — The Pioneer News Group, in cooperation with Microsoft Corp. and Posh Technologies, today announced an innovative new initiative that makes access to news easier and puts the power of reporting news into readers’ hands.

In this new venture, Pioneer News Group combines a great tradition — the newspaper — with the convenience of technology to introduce a winning solution to customers. The Company will begin distributing to subscribers a Windows 10 digital tablet, preloaded with an app built for both receiving and sending the latest local news. Those who prefer to use their own devices may download the apps on Windows 10, Apple and Android products.

Posh Technologies developed the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application, called ‘uReporter.’ Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, uReporter enables anyone with a device to access the Pioneer News Group’s unique, community-focused news as well as submit stories using photos, videos, audio and text. Newsrooms can then publish the content onto their websites and to the app in real time, giving readers the opportunity to play a unique and active role in keeping their communities informed.

Pioneer News Group aims to expand and deepen the connection between the public and the news industry by highlighting stories that are relevant and important to its readers. Providing tablets to subscribers with pre-loaded news applications supports the current trend to offer an online option for receiving news, and will help Pioneer better determine future print and digital strategies.

“This is an exciting evolution for our industry,” said Mike Gugliotto, CEO of the Pioneer News Group. “It further advances the ability for our community to interact and engage with us as they prefer. For those who have been waiting for a reason to get a tablet for their home, we can now provide a device as part of an affordable, familiar subscription format.”

Three Pioneer markets are involved in the initial launch: the Skagit Valley Herald (Mt. Vernon, WA), the Idaho Press-Tribune (Nampa, ID) and The Herald and News (Klamath Falls, OR). A monthly subscription includes an 8” device with Windows 10.

“The uReporter app provides publishers the ability to really be more social with their readers. We hope this drives the kind of meaningful audience participation important to publishers like Pioneer,” said Vishal Misri, CEO of Posh Technologies. “Our goal was to create a multi-platform application that ties to existing business systems – including content and subscriber management systems — making it easy and seamless to manage on the backend. We do believe this could be a catalyst for the further digital transformation of the newspaper industry.”

“uReporter, using Windows 10 tablets and Microsoft Azure, provides a new and innovative way for people to create and share news reports within their communities,” added Gary Fowle, vice president of US Original Equipment Manufacturer Division, Microsoft. “At the same time, this new app from Posh Technologies will enable these citizen journalists to customize and prioritize the news they receive on their Windows 10 tablets, a move that will certainly transform the way Pioneer — and eventually other news outlets — do business going forward.”

About Pioneer News Group

Pioneer News Group is a private, family-owned media company headquartered in Seattle, WA and publishes market-leading print and digital products throughout the Northwest including the Skagit Valley (WA) Herald, the Idaho Press-Tribune, The (Bozeman, MT) Daily Chronicle, The (Logan, UT) Herald Journal, The Idaho State Journal, The (Ellensburg, WA) Daily Record and The (Klamath Falls, OR) Herald and News.

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About Posh Technologies

Posh Technologies is a Redmond, WA-based technology company focused on enabling media companies small and large to engage their customers more personally through mobile solutions. Posh currently has launched two engagement platforms- uReporter –a social news sharing platform and – a DYI mobile platform for newspapers to engage with small businesses.

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