Located in southeastern Oregon on the high desert in Lakeview, the Lake County Examiner has been serving the residents of the wide-open spaces since 1880. Being the newspaper of record for the third largest county in Oregon keeps the weekly newspaper staff of five full-time and one part-time employee very busy. The county has approximately 7200 residents, not counting plenty of cattle, big horn sheep, elk, deer or bears also in the area.

In addition to the weekly edition, the Examiner publishes a twice-weekly street sheet called Lakeview’s Low Down. It is produced on a legal size sheet, both sides and is filled with news blurts and area advertising and is distributed through Lakeview restaurants.

The Examiner staff also produces 11 to 12 special editions annually, and a quarterly magazine called Seasons. We’re active on Twitter, Facebook and our website. We are revving up our viewership through videos online that will increase readership and advertiser participation.

Lake County Examiner has been a part of the Pioneer family since October of 1983. Lake County provides a unique lifestyle for those with a love for the great outdoors and independent thinkers.