The News Examiner originated on October 23, 1880. At that time it was called The Bear Lake Democrat. It was known by this name until 1885 when it became the South Idaho Independent and was printed in Paris about nine miles from Montpelier. In 1896 the name was changed to the Montpelier Examiner and moved to Montpelier. In 1920, The Montpelier Examiner started printing a daily paper called The Daily News. This only lasted until December of 1922 when the Bear Lake County News started publication and became competition for The Montpelier Examiner. This continued until 1937 when The Montpelier Examiner changed its name to The News Examiner and subsequently consolidated with the Bear Lake County News.

Montpelier is located in Bear Lake County, Idaho and has a population of 2,597. This farming community was settled in 1863 by Mormon pioneers on the route of the Oregon Trail. In 1896 Montpelier was the site of a bank heist by Butch Cassidy who was supposedly trying to get enough money to bail out a fellow gang member.